Hello! Welcome to Rasmussen Ventures

I'm Corey Rasmussen, a freelance photographer reaching out to you to let you know that I'm available to meet your photography needs! I can take wonderful photos to last you a lifetime! All portrait sessions can include:

I would love to work with you on your specific needs to help plan and deliver the memories you desire. As an engineer, I've learned mechanical and technical insights to taking a great picture so that things like exposure, composition, and lighting come naturally. This allows me to focus more on the creative side of photography.

My specialty is candid shots. Most people love the candid or spontaneous pictures they take that captures the natural essence. My three kids have taught me well that it is difficult to get that shot every time, but I keep practicing.
Email me at corey@rasmussenventures.com

We also have landscape photos available for purchase.  Please email to inquire. Be sure to reference the specific photo.

Thank you for checking my services out!