About Me

   I am a professional engineer and work as a structural designer.  I live in Durham, NC with my wife and three children.

   After a frustrating photography event in 2013, I decided to learn about how to take great photos.  As a result, I has spent numerous hours studying composure, lighting, exposure and a little bit of editing. Let me tell you, taking pictures is fascinating! The study of how to capture light never ceases to amaze.  Knowing how to operate a camera and setup the lighting makes all the difference.  What you see on the website is the result of these studies and I hope that it will be beneficial to you.
   When working with me, I want to find out what your goal is. If you desire some wall art, I would need to know if it is an 8 x 10 in a collage, I will tailor a different shoot than if you wanted a 30 x 40 piece to hang over your living room sofa. Maybe you are doing something unique like making a coffee table with a picture printed on glass or metal.  There are certain pictures that look better than others on those materials.  Let's make sure that you get what you want.  If your a musician, let's showcase your playing guitar.  If it's for your kids, I'll run around after them for half and hour (or at least until I'm out of breath). The goal is simple: I want to get you the shot you will look at for the next decade.

What to Expect:

To schedule a session:

    Email me at (preferred) corey@rasmussenventures.com

    Call 919-808-6276